Collaboration Imperative

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two people shaking hands with lightbulb connecting their heads

Picture this: You have an ailment and ask me to cure it. You briefly describe what’s wrong and expect a personal treatment and therapy regimen. Then you think you’ll be back in tip-top shape in no time at all. What’s wrong with this picture? Sounds simple and efficient, but is it the best approach? Why or why not? What’s missing … Read More

Bronwen KennedyCollaboration Imperative

For Nadège – Mon amie…

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Three crosses etched on glass window

  Every once in a great moon, if you are lucky enough, someone enters your life and influences you so much that they become part of your very being, for eternity. Nadège was this person for me. I lived in her home in Paris for almost two years while I attended school at Parsons and helped with her beloved, then … Read More

Bronwen KennedyFor Nadège – Mon amie…

Sustainability in the Hole – tale fom Mexico

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Scuba Diving in Mexico

On a recent trip to the Yucatan, Mexico I was struck by one man’s dedication to give back locally while building a new industry. José Antonio Ceballos Uc, who went by Tony, was our SCUBA dive master. He led us on a true Indian Jones type adventure through the jungle to dive in the infamous blue, fresh-water sink-holes known as … Read More

Bronwen KennedySustainability in the Hole – tale fom Mexico

Spring13 working Bi-coastal.

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Spreading our ever growing expertise in creative for Financial Companies, Spring13 was recently awarded new business with the Presidio Group. Presidio group has offices in San Francisco and Dallas and offers clients three core competencies- Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Private Equity. We are looking forward to leveraging their unique name, creating a new positioning for them and setting them … Read More

Bronwen KennedySpring13 working Bi-coastal.

Finally Green for Green.

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Flag with green heart at the Climate Summit March

The recent Climate Summit March in NYC was marked by an unprecedented turn out; over 300,000 protestors came to express their disapproval for the current state of disregard for mother earth. The protest was expressed world over with people in far reaching corners of the globe standing united in a grass roots effort to convince policy makers to step up … Read More

Bronwen KennedyFinally Green for Green.

Being successful = being resilient.

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Don't Forget to Be Awesome graphic

You win some – you loose many. We recently found out we didn’t win a piece of business we had hoped to land. Spring13 made it to the final two, competing with a much bigger shop ( bills 81MM a year) with a 50/50 shot, but sadly, no dice. The final losing blow was a reminder that the real key … Read More

Bronwen KennedyBeing successful = being resilient.