Pitch Training

Pitch training, taught by advertising veteran Bronwen Kennedy, can help optimize the effectiveness of your team’s presentation skills and win new business. Bronwen is a pitch pro with over 20 years of experience crafting and presenting multimillion-dollar new business pitches. She will show your team how to tell a compelling story and best practices in presenting your pitch for maximum impact and memorability.

Pitch Training Package Includes:

• Initial Discovery Meeting to develop a creative brief and gain an understanding of your intended target audience, competitors and your overall business objective. Introduction to Spring13’s background in pitching and marketing.

• Feedback on Your Existing Pitch. Your team presents to Spring13 as a mock perspective client.

• Identification of Key Messages in your pitch and storyline, and how to best articulate your key ideas.

• Training Day Includes:

– Learning new tips and strategies to prepare for the presentation day

– Reading the audience in the room

– Articulating clearly and telling the most compelling story

– Creating a presentation that is tailored to a specific audience

– Suggestions on best practices for presentation setup and leave-behinds for maximum impact and memorability


Videotape presentation to play back moments for improvements

Improvisational theater exercises to help your team learn to be quick on their feet

Bronwen KennedyPitch Training