Care Management Associates

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Care Management Associates Website Home Page

THE CHALLENGE: Care Management Associates gave Spring13 a real challenge when they asked us to redefine the look and language of aging when developing their new website. CMA helps aging adults and their family members navigate their changing care needs. So it was important for the new website to reflect the changing trends in aging while appealing to CMA’s aging … Read More

Bronwen KennedyCare Management Associates

RGM Incorporated

Bronwen Kennedy Branding, Interactive

RGM Incorporated Website Home Page

THE CHALLENGE: This expanding business services company needed rebranding and a whole new website to replace its outdated, unresponsive site. A company that works with both the federal government and private sector clients, RGM needed a site with a cutting-edge tech design to highlight its diverse skill sets. RGM also needed a social media campaign to spread the word about … Read More

Bronwen KennedyRGM Incorporated