Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

In this market, its not enough to just have a wiz-bang website. You also need a website that’s optimized to work for you. By increasing your search engine optimization and your social media presence, we can help you reach the customers you are trying to reach and rank higher in search results.

We offer the following packages:

Package 1 – Basic S.E.O.

  • Content Specification Sheet
  • Assessment of current site SEO and Google Analytics, and master list of up to 20 key search words
  • Analysis and recommendations for opportunities for optimization, including inbound links to the new site from external partners, the press and others
  • Publishing improvements, including submitting an XML map of the website and the company’s profile on Google; submitting the website for local listings on Yahoo!, Bing and Google; and submitting the site to local and mobile sites for map optimization
  • Execute initial test crawl of the live site mimicking Google-bot to confirm crawler access, server responses and meta-data settings

Package 2 – Premium S.E.O.

S.E.O. Structure, Digital Strategy & S.E.M. – All of Package #1 plus:
Create a custom digital strategy blueprint for leveraging the website as a content marketing and lead capture platform through paid and organic search and social media. Includes identification of industry influencers, relevant social channels, link acquisition targets and more.

  • Install and configure recommended WordPress plug-in to optimize search and social media, and to improve page load speed
  • Configure Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics integration, and submit an XML site map to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Prepare and submit listing information to MOZ Local* to increase NAP (name, address and phone citations and improve exposure in local search results)

Lastly we will provide you with analysis and recommendations for opportunities for inbound links to your existing site from
external partners, the press and others.

Additional Offerings for Optimizing your Website and Digital Publishing

1. Google Analytics Review, Reporting with Executive Plan recommendations for specific actions required to increase traffic and stickiness

2. A corporate LinkedIn Strategy, including a company profile strategy with templates and results for team members; and development of a company profile page, including optimization for search, a content publishing strategy and recommendations for cadence and creative units

3. Optimization on Page: Meta/Title tag generation, link building and social bookmarking

4. Usability Research: Conduct research to determine areas for improvement: navigation, findability (search/browse), ease of use, conversions, top user flows, engagement, information hierarchy, content presentation and brand messaging effectiveness

5. Product Research and Recommendations for enhancements to sites for governance, push-through content, CRM platforms and more, including Taboola, Outbrain, Smarsh, Hearsay Social and Salesforce CRM

6. Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.): Plans for purchasing keywords and developing SEM advertising campaigns to increase traffic to your website

Social Media

Let us develop a tactical Social Media Plan for you. This plan will include a Social Media Strategy, a Content Calendar with recommendations for cadence and preferred platforms, and a Content Specification Sheet to increase credibility with specified niche markets and general online saturation. It will include recommendations as to where to incorporate social media touch points within your existing communication strategy and be based on a yearly timeline. Your new Social Media plan will include suggestions to effectively use such social platforms Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc., while top-lining content ideas. We can created branded content solutions that are memorable, creative and easily versioned for quick deployment. The overall strategy will cost-effectively help you reach your desired target audiences and tie in with your existing marketing communication stream.

Package 1 – Social Media New Product/Service Launch Bundle

Once you’ve launched your new brand and your new website is up and running, it’s time to get the word out. Spring13 offers a mini social media launch campaign to get you going.

Our social media product or brand launch bundle includes:
Creating, assisting and tracking the deployment of a multi-channel mini social media campaign to announce and engage people in a new brand and/or website launch.

Two concept directions


  • One blog post, including a tweet to announce it
  • One LinkedIn post
  • Two emails
  • Twitter campaign, including 5–10 tweets
  • Facebook post, including an optional listicle

Prices are based on implementation assistance and vary based on your needs.

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