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Pass It On - Celebrating Women
by Becky Chidester

True sponsorship is also using your influence and experience to help promote upward mobility. A woman who I feel immensely proud of is Bronwen Kennedy, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Spring13 Bronwen and I began working together 20 years ago...



Bronwen and the Spring13 team helped us fine-tune our firm’s positioning and develop our website messaging. Bronwen was great at challenging our thinking and coming up with out-of-the-box ideas for articulating what sets our company apart from others. She is not only creative and strategic, she is also great at building consensus among multiple stakeholders with opposing views (which was probably the biggest challenge of this project). Spring13 also did a thorough assessment of the SEO landscape and provided a very clear plan to improve our online search results. Bronwen and her team were easy to work with and they did a great job leading us through this process. I hope we cross paths again in the future. I highly recommend Bronwen and the Spring13 team.

Emese Tόth, Head of Marketing
The Presidio Group


KT Tape contracted with Spring13 to address an urgent social media need and their team rapidly jumped in and provided the support we needed. They brought the right players and skills to the engagement and were thorough and detailed. Spring13 provided great market insights and creativity that brought results. The team was fun to work with and made the project a success for KT Tape.

Dale Weathers, Director of Marketing
KT Tape


I can't thank Spring13 enough for your work on the Washington Area Women's Foundation Video. I know that this wasn't an easy process, but we all persevered to create a poignant piece. I so appreciate and value the time, energy, and passion that you put into this project.  I thank you for working with us to create such an inspirational and memorable video and fundraiser luncheon.

Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat, President / CEO
Washington Area Women's Foundation


My law firm engaged Bronwen Kennedy (and Spring13) in 2013 to perform a complete re-brand of our family law practice. She competently led our staff, comprised of attorneys, paralegals and support staff, through a strategic branding process which not only helped us identify our key differentiators from other firms in our area, but also helped us develop a very specific vision for who we are as an organization. Her work with our firm gave creative direction to her team to execute a unique new vision in our materials - particularly our website, which Bronwen and her team designed. Bronwen did an excellent job explaining complicated concepts, presenting options to our firm, and helping us find our collective voice.

Her years of experience working with a variety of different types of clients was evident as she quickly grasped the nuances and sensitivities in our particular business. Bronwen was able to craft a sound creative strategy and visual approach to attract our target audience. She was also able to build consensus when key decision makers disagreed, while gently keeping us on task - showing her acumen for leading/teaching a large group.

We thoroughly enjoyed our work with Bronwen and Spring13; we are delighted with the end product of her work; and we can enthusiastically recommend her without any qualification.

Margaret J. McKinney, Partner
Delany McKinney


We brought in Spring13 to update our brand in both print and online materials. It seemed like a daunting project considering the scope, as well as our own busy schedules, but they did a terrific job in getting our input for the look and feel, and yet, not pulling us too much into the details. Bronwen and her team took time to understand our message and unique place in the market, and incorporated those ideas into the branding and messaging. Out of the process came a striking and refreshed look to all our materials, which has really elevated our presence in the marketplace. The team at Spring13 was great to work with, and they did a masterful job in getting us through a process that we seldom go through.

Ronald J. Rough, CFA, Director of Portfolio Management
Financial Services Advisory, Inc.


It was such a pleasure to work with Bronwen and the Spring13 team! Everything ran seamlessly from start to finish. Thank you again for collaborating with me on this project. I would wholeheartedly recommended Spring13 to anyone who is embarking on a new business adventure.

Kathy McIntosh, President and Founder 
Capital Learners Educational Services


It’s the usual story…our company had grown to the point where we needed to redesign our logo and our website. The difficult part was finding an experienced company that wasn’t going to "use the same hammer for every nail". In other words, I needed to work with people that cared about our mission, our goals and our audience and was willing to provide some fresh perspective. At the start of our first meeting, Bronwen asked insightful questions and offered her suggestions – and this was before our contract was signed! No other company I interviewed came to the table as prepared or open about their process. Throughout the project, Bronwen and Spring13 listened to my questions (and my concerns), provided some extraordinarily creative designs, and best of all, made sure the that project ran on schedule and budget. I highly recommend Spring13 for professionalism, for knowledge, for thoroughness and for style!

Irene Lane, Founder / President


Bronwen and the team at Spring13 provided RBFF with brand strategy and digital design support as we built out our online content strategy. We had a time sensitive opportunity to get video content in front of thousands of potential customers however we had yet to establish our brand in this digital channel and unclear on how to create brand continuity across all our channels. Bronwen quickly assessed our needs, assigned the right resources and delivered an exceptional product on time and within our budget requirements. I look forward to working with the Spring13 team again.

Leslie Nagao, VP of Marketing
Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation


Spring 13 is magnanimous. Our project, a branding campaign for a State designated Arts District, involved many public stakeholders and slow moving parts. Essentially our always changing schedule required Spring 13 to wait, wait, wait and then wait some more until we asked them to hurry up and complete the project. Nevertheless, they submitted high quality work with grace and flair.

Michael Gumpert, Executive Director
Gateway Community Development Corporation


Bronwen handled political uncertainty with our client with grace and humor. It really was a test but she did a great job and I want to thank her. To continue the compliments, Bronwen is great at what she does professionally and is a wonderful person. I really have enjoyed learning from her creatively and professionally. She has a unique style that gets work done while creating a fun atmosphere that allows people to enjoy the process of "work." It is always nice to work with her and her teams.

Chase Warmington, Owner and Managing Principal
Ecofusion, LLC


I have worked with Bronwen for the past few years on multiple literature pieces for ProCure. Many of these print materials needed to be completed within a short time frame and on a tight budget. Despite these challenges, Bronwen and her team have always been very accommodating and responsive, providing their services with the utmost professionalism. Spring13 is a great partner!

Peiying Liao, Senior Marketing Associate
ProCureTreatment Centers, Inc.


Spring13 provided the creative and execution expertise to assist FBB Capital Partners in our recent re-branding project. We wanted to update our image and re-brand our print and on-line materials including letterhead, brochures, business cards and website. Spring13 created a new logo and theme for us reflecting the visual as well as conceptual image we wanted to show to our clients and prospects. Bronwen and her team presented us with options and worked with us to create the brand that worked for us. We are delighted with the finished product.

FBB Capital Partners
Bethesda, MD


Bronwen and her team at Spring 13 tackled our project with the level of excellence, professionalism and creativity one would expect from a large marketing firm while providing the personalized touch of a boutique shop. Bronwen was able to help us assess the areas where we needed the most help, and she assembled the appropriate team of experts to get us where we needed to go. We were pleased with the results and it was a true pleasure to work with her and her associates.

Martine Lellis Weinhold, CPA, CFP, Chief Operating Officer
Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blayney, Inc.


Branding and Identity work on a shoestring budget can be fraught with pitfalls: but when Bronwen and the Spring13 Team came to work with us in the Gateway Arts District they were able to jump right in, get the necessary research done and flexibly adapt to the dozens of strong personalities, opinions, and project delivery hiccups in order to successfully assist us in locating and manifesting our creative essence: translating that into effective imagery and words, so that our core beliefs and messages can lead our future marketing efforts. They supplied us with the necessary brandmark, technical and creative tools to support our artists efforts so that we may Innovate, Create, and Inspire for another decade at the front step of Prince George's County.

Stuart Eisenberg, Executive Director
Hyattsville CDC


We've created a bit of a stir among some of our industry colleagues because it looks like we hired a multi-million dollar, award-winning New York ad agency to design our marketing pieces. At least the award-winning part of that is accurate. Bronwen and her team did a fantastic job of understanding the essence of our brand and bringing it to life.

Peter Raia, Realtor, SFR / Master Sergeant USMC (ret.)


Bronwen Kennedy served as a Vice President, Creative Director at RTC Relationship Marketing for 10 years. Bronwen brought her award winning creative talent, strategic thinking and leadership to the agency’s largest accounts including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Time Warner Cable, GlaxoSmithKline and AARP Services, Inc., including expertise in broadcast television, print advertising, direct response mail and digital marketing. Bronwen also played various leadership roles in the agency’s creative department and played an important role in the growth history of the agency. She was a valued partner in our success.

Jeffrey D. Ross, President - RTCRM


I am writing this brief note in support of Bronwen Kennedy regards her response to become a marketing design consultant in the Hyattsville Arts District.

I am an Adjunct Professor at The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. I teach Design, Branding and Advertising in a CAPSTONE course to Design Fellows.

Bronwen was a guest lecturer for the first time earlier this fall in my class (I have been teaching this class for 5 years). During approximately 8 of the 13 classes each semester I have a guest lecturers come in and share their expertise, experience and professional development to my students while providing a prospective as to what the real world holds for them in design and/or advertising/marketing. Of the over 35 guest lecturers I have had in my class since 2010, Bronwen resides in the top 5. She was relevant, interesting, experienced and delightful in her presentation and her enthusiasm.

During the question and answer period Bronwen’s style and lecture content proved to me how well the students took to her material. She was terrific.

I owned and operated The Bomstein Agency in Washington for 32 years before an Ad Agency merger in 2009 and then joining the Washington Post in 2013; I know talented people in advertising when I meet them. Bronwen exudes that capability to her very core. And Bronwen brings a wealth of direct client experience and capability that will, in my opinion, likely be unmatched among your other candidates for this consultation.

I hardily endorse your decision to select Bronwen to lead this consultation effort in the Arts District of Hyattsville.

Please feel free to contact me if I may of service regarding Bronwen.

Howard Bomstein, Adjunct Professor 
The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland


Bronwen Kennedy is an asset to any team. While Bronwen and I worked together at RTC and prior to that at Earle Palmer Brown, I came to rely on her for her creative vision and strategic input for growing the business. In addition to her creative skills, Bronwen could always be relied upon as a partner. She was very easy to work with, not only with her internal partners but our clients also respected her insight and she their’s.

Katy Anadale, Brand Manager