Branding Process

Branding for Success

Spring13 has extensive experience in Branding. We have developed a strategic and creative process where each step builds on the last, so we don’t waste any valuable time. If you haven’t done your strategy work yet, please see Our Strategy Process as the best creative springs from a sound strategy.

Below are all the pieces involved in the creative steps of a complete Brand Package.

Step 1. The Brand Brief

We start by discussing your brand, the competition, your business goals and more to be sure we are all on the same page before executing anything.

Step 2. Positioning Statements

We write several positioning statements, so you can see what feels right for your brand today and tomorrow, giving you a competitive edge.

Step 3. Springboards©

Once you pick a positioning, we show you how that could look by using things in our creative tool box, like photography, illustration, typography and colors.

Step 4. Taglines and Key Messaging

Here we write taglines and key message points, so you a have consistent tone of voice that sells across all media channels.

Step 5. Design Logo with Tag

Now that we know exactly what sets you apart (step2), how the overall feel of the brand should be (step3) and how to talk about it (step4), we are ready to synthesize all that into your logo mark.

Step 6. The Corporate Brand Package

Here we develop all the elements of the individual corporate identity package—business cards, letterhead envelopes, mailing labels, etc.

Step 7. The Website

We now can successfully apply your new brand to your website, and make it responsive, SEO optimized and primed for social media.

Step 8. Get the buzz out

We develop a communication strategy to reach the audiences you want to reach—be it through social media or more traditional channels, like television, print or mail. We also help you maximize your message to your desired target audience and then execute the bits.

Project Example: Greenloons Eco-Travel

Greenloons Positioning Statement

Option 1
Loony, passionate, benevolent, Greenloons is a one-of-a-kind eco-travel service designed for mindful explorers who give a damn. Advocated of social empowerment, financial viability and environmental preservation, the company offers customized, high-quality travel opportunities that cater to inquisitive, mindful travelers who work hard, play hard and care deeply about how their choices and actions help to create a more sustainable, creative and prosperous planet.
Option 2
Experiential, inspirational and illuminating. Greenloons is the only certified eco-travel service of its kind that provides mindful, soulful travelers (35-45) the capacity to plan holistic, meaningful journeys that not only positively impact their lives, but also the world. As arbiters of social empowerment, financial viability and environmental preservation, Greeloons creates customized, high-quality travel packages and spiritual adventures that enable travelers to walk softly, travel lightly and grow organically through their actions and their experiences.

Greenloons Springboards

Greenloons Logo and Tagline

Greenloons Website