Care Management Associates

A new website brings new perspectives on living and aging well

THE CHALLENGE: Care Management Associates gave Spring13 a real challenge when they asked us to redefine the look and language of aging when developing their new website. CMA helps aging adults and their family members navigate their changing care needs. So it was important for the new website to reflect the changing trends in aging while appealing to CMA’s aging clients and their clients’ baby-boomer children alike.

OUR APPROACH: We created an upbeat theme—Live. Love. Thrive.—and selected images of greenery and nature to create a warm, welcoming tone to assure visitors to the site they’ve found the right place to get the help they need. And to ensure those in need of help can find the CMA website, we built a tech-forward responsive site for ease of use on any device and added search engine optimization (SEO) and a blog. We also built the site in WordPress to make content management a cinch.

THE RESULTS: Everything about the newly rebranded site emanates the idea of living and aging well. The site is also easy for CMA to maintain and easy for those in need of assistance to find and navigate, helping everyone to focus on the what’s important—Live. Love. Thrive.