Financial Services Advisory (FSA)

THE CHALLENGE: When Spring 13 first started working with FSA, the job was to create a 30-year logo and tagline. After working with Spring13 for just a short while, FSA asked us to create branding and marketing that would make them stand out in the financial services industry.

OUR APPROACH: While recommending, developing and managing creative, Spring13 looked for an unexpected way to brand FSA and communicate its key differentiator: longevity. To best represent the company across all communications, we recommended a wide variety of tactics, from business cards to booklets, mini-brochures, letterhead, note cards and more.

THE RESULTS: Spring13’s team felt that, with the company’s strong financial history, they’d learned lessons that younger firms had yet to figure out – making them much wiser than the rest. For that reason, we centered their branding around black-and-white imaging of an owl, a clear, strong representation of the company’s and employees’ financial wisdom. Taking a lighthearted “lessons learned” approach to copy, we combined the two for a straightforward, likable and relatable brand identity that conveys trust and a conservative yet modern approach to investing.

“We brought in Spring13 to update our brand in both print and online materials. It seemed like a daunting project considering the scope, as well as our own busy schedules, but they did a terrific job in getting our input for the look and feel, and yet, not pulling us too much into the details. Bronwen and her team took time to understand our message and unique place in the market, and incorporated those ideas into the branding and messaging. Out of the process came a striking and refreshed look to all our materials, which has really elevated our presence in the marketplace. The team at Spring13 was great to work with, and they did a masterful job in getting us through a process that we seldom go through.”

Ronald J. Rough, CFA, Director of Portfolio Management – Financial Services Advisory, Inc.