Being successful = being resilient.

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You win some – you loose many. We recently found out we didn’t win a piece of business we had hoped to land. Spring13 made it to the final two, competing with a much bigger shop ( bills 81MM a year) with a 50/50 shot, but sadly, no dice. The final losing blow was a reminder that the real key ingredient to long-term success is not just being good at your craft but being resilient through the inevitable ups and downs along the way. Forbes Author, Ruth Blatt, aptly portrays this concept in comparing entrepreneurs to rockstars by saying, “Any musician you’ve ever heard of has worked countless hours to master his or her instrument and has endured humiliation after humiliation in the form of small and apathetic audiences, discouraging label executives, and dismissive incumbents. It takes hard work, commitment and determination to succeed as a musician. The same goes for entrepreneurs who can often get impatient when all they hear about are overnight successes and young self-made billionaires. Overnight success stories make for good headlines. But they are misleading. In both music and entrepreneurship you need to commit fully and decisively, and then stick it out through the long haul. You have to be willing to make personal sacrifices, and you have to be persistent in your pursuit of excellence.”

Since this loss, we have been contacted by three other prospects and are now contemplating if Spirng13 were a rockstar, just what stage name would we go by?