Is the new Barbie campaign successful?

Barbie Video

This Ad is undeniably charming. It showcases the most precious qualities in children; their uninhibited free spirit and imagination. It’s entertaining and appeals to who I believe the audience is- me, a mother of a young girl. However, looking more closely at the history of the Barbie brand can provide us with a framework for the intention of this TV Spot and its effectiveness. Barbie has endured heaps of negative press over the past few years centered around the dolls anorexic thin proportions and un-realistic body image which has been proven to lead to negative self esteem in young impressionable girls. As an attempt to re-define this brand association in consumers minds, this commercial focuses on the undeniable benefit of free play as a critical component to children’s healthy development and attempts to link Barbie dolls to this idea. “What happens when girls are free to imagine anything?” and the payoff “you can be anything” hits home because it is inspiring, but it inspires me to want to be sure my daughter has enough unscheduled play time in her day more than it makes me want to buy her a new Barbie doll.

Tree Change Dolls – have an interesting story- have a look as an alternative to the Barbie