Chevy Chase Face

Enhancing a brand to appeal to a high-end clientele

THE CHALLENGE: Dr. Jennifer Parker Porter, the fashion-forward founder of Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgery, had a lackluster brand that wasn’t attracting the high-end clientele she had in mind. Dr. Porter is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon catering to a sophisticated clientele from all over the country, and she commissioned Spring13 to assist in giving her brand the facelift it needed.

APPROACH: We started by exploring what the competition was doing. We discovered tons of poorly executed websites featuring the same stock photos of women’s faces, and print ads with little attention to quality graphics. From Dr. Porter’s existing messaging, we pulled out what we felt was the main theme, “Enhance your natural beauty,” and explored different ways to illustrate the concept. Ultimately we landed on using an illustration style with a vibrant watercolor execution. We kept the existing logo, as it was already used on office signage, and tweaked it to make it more legible, riffing on the logo’s color and “swoosh” treatment in the new print pieces we created. We also did some photo retouching to enhance the Dr. Porter’s personal library of before-and-after photos, and created the brochure with a unique fold to make it really stand out.

RESULTS: By using illustrations rather than photos for the main graphics, Spring13 came up with a metaphoric style for beauty that appeals to both men and women of all ages and both genders. It also subtly speaks to the artistry involved in the work performed by the practice, which specializes in creating natural results. The illustrations allude to the perfect mix: top-tier facial plastic surgeons and the artistry at the core of the practice that makes women and men more beautiful.

We also assisted with paper choices and managing the printing from multiple vendors, delivering the brochure, business cards, note cards and folders, all on time and on budget.