Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF)

Guides for screening for depression & anxiety

Spring13 developed two guides for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) about the importance of screening for and treating depression and anxiety. One is aimed at people with cystic fibrosis (CF) and the other is for clinicians. We created a fresh format for the guides that CFF could use going forward. For the Clinician Guide, we selected bold colors while softening the colors for the Patient Guide, owing to the delicate nature of the subject matter. We focused on techniques to present the complex content in the Clinician Guide in a clear, straightforward way, such as creating easy-to-follow, color-coded flow charts. Spring13 also managed the printing, fulfillment and mailing of the Patient Guides, which included customized envelopes and letters for each of the more than 300 CF care centers that received the package. We also produced a Spanish version of the Patient Guide, as well as PDFs optimized for web and mobile use.

Ad for a peer mentoring program connects people with cystic fibrosis

To help people with CF cope with the complexities of daily life, CFF is developing a pilot Peer Mentoring Program to connect those with CF via the phone or videoconference. CFF commissioned Spring13 to produce a print piece to encourage people with CF to join the program. We tapped our direct response advertising experience and team with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry to create a simple, straightforward advertisement for the Peer Mentoring Program that can be easily displayed in clinics and handed out during medical visits. The team broke down enrollment into four bite-size steps to make it easy to join the program. The warm, positive cover image sets the perfect tone and works to extend a helping hand to those living with CF, encouraging them join the program to connect and engage with others just like them.


A newsletter for clinicians gets a fresh look

CFF decided it was time to give its digital newsletter, Network News, which had been produced in-house, a more polished, professional look. The quarterly newsletter is specifically for clinicians, who play an invaluable role in helping people with CF maintain their health and quality of life. Spring13 focused on a number of design techniques to enhance the newsletter’s overall branding. We moved the CFF logo into the newsletter’s title, polished the typography by bumping up the size and style of the headings, incorporated colorful photos and graphics, and freshened the color palette. By adding design elements and using color in a consistent way, we also brought more cohesiveness to the piece. The result: a cleaner, brighter, more polished newsletter that strengthens CFF’s brand, better communicates the collective efforts of CFF and clinicians working together, and builds stronger relationships with the important clinician audience.