Norman’s Farm Market

THE CHALLENGE: Norman’s Farm Market – a community supported agriculture (CSA) effort – had been in business 25 years, relying solely on word of mouth and local awareness. Though successful, Norman’s Farm needed to expand their reach, increase farm shares and boost seasonal product sales, especially during winter.

OUR APPROACH: Spring13 set out to advise this small business, maximize its marketing budget and execute a small-scale rebrand. Our top talent created a signature anniversary logo with a retro-modern, earthy feel. We also designed and managed a series of postcards, as well as a clever, tongue-in-cheek (and attention-getting!) reusable shopping bag.

THE RESULTS: Spring13 tapped into the farm’s history and story, using illustration to craft a hip logo and other marketing materials. With Spring13’s direction and ideas, Norman’s Farm was able to draw more customers, experience pumped up seasonal sales and build greater interest in farm shares and community supported agriculture.