American Lung Association

An Infographic Saves Lives:
Spring13’s Work with the
American Lung Association

Spring13 was recently contacted by Avelera to assist the American Lung Association (ALA) in creating an infographic. The intention of the infographic is to explain to the public, policy makers and the media the recent changes to lung cancer screening criteria. By increasing awareness of the new guidelines, and explaining what is now covered by insurance, the ALA hopes to increase early detection, which yields better outcomes for patients. The new guideline changes especially impact women and African Americans, as they are at a higher risk of contracting lung cancer.

Tapping into our expert strategists, copywriters and design team, Spring13 quickly drafted some fresh creative approaches in sketch form, which allowed our clients to be involved in the creation at an early stage. Once a concept was chosen, we flushed out the design and copy.  The assignment required us to follow the ALA branding guidelines, whilst producing a unique graphic treatment that easily conveyed the complex, data driven information.  By formulating key concepts into bite size chunks for easy comprehension, and designing fresh graphics, we were able to create an infographic that was an easy read for a busy audience.

The infographic will be used on the American Lung Association’s website as well as their social media platforms. Spring13 also re-purposed the infographic content for use on Twitter, Instagram Stories and Facebook – a cost-efficient way to get the word out, without reinventing the wheel per marketing channel.

The project was a great success and we are currently awaiting our next assignment with the ALA.

Spring13 has years of experience in taking complex concepts and making them more understandable to a specific target audience. From healthcare to finance and everything in between, we bring a fresh approach to content, while working in all media channels. Reach out today to see how Spring13 can assist your organization with its unique branding needs!