Helping MyGym “Go for the Gold”:


Spring13 Revamps Digital Marketing Strategy and Assumes Management of Social Media Accounts to Create Cohesive Image Across Platforms

MyGym is a national chain of fitness centers for kids.  Recently, a busy MyGym franchise-owner with multiple locations reached out to Spring13 for specialized help optimizing their presence online and better reaching local parents through digital channels. As an agency that knows how millennials think, shop and parent their children (see our work with PEP – Parent Encouragement Program – HERE), Spring13 understands the ever-changing social media landscape, and knows that effective management of those platforms is a full-time job. Therefore, Spring13 entered into a retainer-based agreement with MyGym, creating a multi-faceted approach to better manage their social media and email marketing needs.

Managed Instagram and Facebook Advertising: Sping13 immediately established an Advertising Manager account for MyGym’s multiple Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.  Despite Facebook’s ever-changing rules and algorithms, Spring13 knew that establishing this account was a newly-required standard. Spring13 also suggested other platform-specific functions to motivate the coveted millennial market via social media, such as the ability to make in-app purchases through Instagram.  While MyGym has not yet utilized this new functionality, only an experienced digital marketing partner like Spring13 would know to bring such important data to the table.

Improved account optimization: On the client’s multiple Facebook pages, Spring13 updated stories, images and contact information and created new auto-response messages that were emailed to each gym after customer contact. The team also optimized MyGym’s positioning on Yelp, Google Business and across all social media platforms.

Integrated uniquely-created content on both MyGym Facebook pages and Instagram: Regularly, Spring13 created unique social media content – including photos of kids at MyGym camps, parties and classes – which appeared on both Facebook pages and Instagram. On Facebook, Spring13 posted parent testimonials detailing the benefits of MyGym, and “How-To” videos of kids doing cartwheels and other gymnastic movements on Instagram. Spring13 also engaged Instagram followers to share their photos of active children, in order to better build stronger community ties. Lastly, the team devised several promotional ideas and contests that were promoted on social media and were received favorably by the client and her customers.

Created targeted email campaign to customers: Each month, Spring13 created and deployed several unique emails to MyGym customers, which corresponded to posts on social media.

Performed data analysis: Spring13 generated a detailed bi-monthly tracking report that informed MyGym how its social media was performing. This complete, tactical analysis included tracking conversions, social media advertising results and analysis, email analysis and topline results including click thru rates, open rates, subscribes and best performing emails.

After four months of strategic posting by the Spring13 team, MyGym’s Instagram followers increased by 290 percent and its Instagram engagement rate increased by 1850 percent. Spring13 also succeeded in identifying several niche community engagement strategies to grow MyGym’s online community, including using local hashtags; identifying and engaging with local micro-influencers (including “Mommy Instagrammers” with their own loyal followers); and collaborating with other local businesses. As a result of these efforts, MyGym  engaged with many new and existing customers through increased web site clicks, phone calls and requests for directions.

In the end, outsourcing their digital marketing needs to a trusted partner like Spring13 was a win-win for MyGym. With a newly optimized and integrated social media platform, MyGym can now engage their customers – including millennials – in a more interactive way. And thanks to detailed tracking reports, MyGym can also better understand how their ad dollars are being spent each month and the overall effectiveness of their digital marketing plan.

Clearly, it takes more than a savvy summer intern to manage a company’s social media needs. With over 20 years of experience, Spring13 is the full-service digital marketing partner that can help any business more effectively engage with millennial moms and dads – through the digital channels they prefer.