Capital Learners

A new brand and a new website for a new education company

THE CHALLENGE: This new tutoring company needed an entire branding package—from soup to nuts. Capital Learners targets K-12 students. So the new brand had to be sophisticated enough to appeal to a wide audience, including parents of grade-schoolers as well as teenagers. Integrating social media into the brand was also a must to spread the word about the new company.

OUR APPROACH: Most tutoring companies use trite images of apples or elementary icons. We took a different course. We began with building blocks to illustrate the idea of laying an educational foundation and added a visual element resembling a pinnacle to tie in the idea of helping students, living near the nation’s capital, achieve the pinnacle of success. With this approach we are sure to capture the attention of busy parents and students alike.

THE RESULTS: A strong brand with all the right ingredients for success. In addition to the logo and tagline, Spring13 designed business cards, e-signatures and a brochure with interactive links that’s perfect for mailing and emailing. We also designed and developed Capital Learners’ new website, incorporating the new brand throughout the site. To help the company reach and grow its target audience, we integrated social media links and search engine optimization into the site.

“It was such a pleasure to work with Bronwen and the Spring13 team! Everything ran seamlessly from start to finish. Thank you again for collaborating with me on this project. I would wholeheartedly recommended Spring13 to anyone who is embarking on a new business adventure.”

Kathy McIntosh, President and Founder – Capital Learners Educational Services